​Read more about Biomats and even buy one yourself - cameronclinic.thebiomatcompany.com

Life Vessel

The Life Vessel, an FDA cleared, Class II medical device, employs the therapeutic modalities associated with vibration, sound and light as a form of relaxation therapy. Cameron Clinic uses this technology to treat some patients. 

Lovey’s Natural Food & Cafe

​Lovey’s is your neighborhood natural and organic full-service grocery, with lots of organic and gluten-free options. Lovey’s cafe is the best - they make their own food and list all of the ingredients used.

Hilltop Angus Farm

​Hilltop Angus Farm works in cooperation with nature to produce 100% grass-fed beef that is healthy, nutritional and good to eat. Farmer Dale likes to say, “I grow grass.”

The Veggie Wagon

Fresh local produce, delivered ripe to your door! Or, stop in and shop at their store in Carolina Beach and Masonboro.

Down East Connect

It’s like having a 24-hour farmers market right in your computer. Once your order is placed online, local growers process them and we deliver them. All picked and shipped within 24 hours!