Smiling Practice

The Smiling Practice is the result of many requests for a CD format of the popular qi gong meditation taught in Nan Cameron’s workshop The Three Free Therapies: Deep Relaxation, Nutrition, and Movement.  Nan began a daily meditation practice in the  ‘70's and added qi gong to her morning routine while attending Chinese Medicine School.  Nan's body feels balanced and content, loved and appreciated when she completes The Smiling Practice on a regular basis and she thinks yours will too!

Qi gong is the practice of internal energy development.  There are many forms and styles of qi gong - physical movement may be used, but is not required.  In qi gong we learn to control our body's qi or life energy with our minds and breath.  Qi (spelled qi, chi, or ki) is simply energy.  Qi is everywhere.  When our Qi or life energy is strong, balanced and moving smoothly, we feel vital and are ready to embrace life.  This quided qi gong meditation uses the smile within to help you balance and build qi.  Find a quiet and comfortable place, start listening and you are on your way to cultivating the smile within.

The Smiling Practice, a guided qi gong meditation is available for purchase in our office or online at